Busy busy


The last couple of months have been total madness. At times it’s felt as though my head is about to explode and splat a mixture of petals, rose thorns, emails and brains all over the walls. In a good way.

After two weddings this Saturday I’m lucky to have a little pause between weddings, and a chance to reflect on this busy past season and start planning for Spring.

And, as the photos from these last weddings trickle in, I’m excited to share more of the work I’ve been doing on the blog.

I sneakily took the photo above over someone’s fence during my trip to Hobart earlier this month. The roses there are off-the-frickin-chain, so naturally I spent quite some time wandering the streets like a total creep, snapping photos of strangers’ gardens.

The things we do for the love of flowers.

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