V Day approacheth

babys breath roses2
It’s one week til Valentine’s Day, in case you didn’t know. Being a florist I don’t know if it’s even legal for me to say this – but I’ve never been a big fan of this particular Hallmark holiday.

The pressure it puts on men to buy fancy things, the awkwardness it engenders in every blossoming relationship (It’s been two weeks…do I get her something? Will she freak out if I do? Will she freak out if I don’t? etc.), the cheesy sentiments, the cellophane, the cellophane, the cellophane.

It’s lucky that I feel this way as, every 14th of Feb, my husband gets me exactly nothing. The dog, however, is showered with treats and gifts. In our house it is Valendog’s Day. Or Dogentine’s Day.

Anyway, lately I have started to come around to the idea of a day dedicated to love <3, but only when the gestures are thoughtful and personal rather than show-offy and expensive. Here are some tips for punters who would perhaps like to shun the traditional red-roses-and-baby's-breath approach to Valentine's Day this year. 1. Bake her (or him) something. Cookies. Caramel slice. A packet cake. It really doesn't matter if it sucks. your time is worth so much more than cash money, trust me. 2. Remember what her (or his ) favourite flower is, dammit! And give her (/ him) a bunch of that. Hopefully it's in season. 3. A pretty little pot plant Would also go down nicely. 4. Spread the love V-Day needn't just apply to lovebirds. Give each of your best ladyfriends a pretty cupcake. Cut some daisies from your garden and give em to your mum. Make your kids something heart shaped for breakfast. You know? 5.Have fun, people! It's love, for goodness sake.


A Love Found & Photos! Photos! Photos!


This pretty lady in this here photo is Alex. Well, on top of being recently married, she is also an Event Planning extraordinaire. She has taken the leap started her very own business doing wedding planning, styling, management and gorgeous invitations and paper goods – it’s called A Love Found. Check out her lovely blog or find A Love Found on Facebook.

And all those photos I promised you (remember? Alison & Nik, Kat & Matt, Alex & Chris?) are over in Galleries. You should go and have a look!

I’m trying to iron out some little technical glitches so I can display photogs names in my galleries… but for now this will have to do…

Alex & Chris – photos by Elize Strydom.

Kat & Matt – photos by my aaaahmazing sister, Ingrid James.

Alison & Nik – photos by Ben Ng.

Bits & Pieces – photos by a hodge podge of people.