Being a lady who is quite obsessed with flowers – in general and specifically with putting them together in pretty ways – I have been following (stalking?) Brooklyn florists Sarah Ryhanen of Saipua and Nicolette Camille for quite some time now. They are artists. They are the best of the best. They are a large part of why I chucked it all in to make flowers. I am a shameless fangirl.

So these two run the Little Flower School in the US, and I have always dreamed of taking one of their classes. Like, popping over to NY for a flower class. Not so practical, especially seeing as when I’m not floralling I moonlight as the mother of a small child. So I added it to my long list of pipedreams.

BUT, you guys, a couple of weeks ago they came to Australia to run classes. And I got one of the 12 spots in their two-day-long wedding extravaganza.

Oh boy, it was everything I had imagined and so much more. Soaking up the girls’ wisdom was just amazing, and the 11 other lucky ladies who I shared the experience with were just as into it as I. To connect with these girls who are just as batty about flowers as me was an inspiring and enriching experience.

Above are some instagram pics I took over the weekend. I did have my big fancy camera with me, but I felt to dorky to take it out, so insty ones will have to suffice.


Christmas pickings





We spent Christmas morning with family in Berry. Lynda, my step-mum (kind of… it’s complicated…) has the most outrageous garden, with an amazing veggie patch and gardenias, hydrangea, roses, waterlilies, clematis, callas, etc. etc. coming out her ears. Berry’s fertile soil and wet climate is apparently heaven-on-stick when it comes to growing things.

On Chrissy morning, Lynda handed me her seceteurs and sent me into the garden to cut flowers for the table. Well. I darn near lost my mind.

It was, undoubtedly, the best Christmas morning I’ve ever had.